Creative Conciliation opened its doors January 1, 2015. Fifteen years in the making, Creative Conciliation is committed to advancing Christian conciliation around the world.

What is Christian conciliation?

A well-kept secret, unfortunately. Still in its infancy, Christian conciliation is an emerging field conceived by the Christian Legal Society in the eighties and birthed through Peacemaker Ministries in the nineties. Growing throughout the world, churches, ministries, and individuals heeding the call to become peacemakers are establishing conciliation ministries committed to promoting peace. This unique ministry is found where the Gospel of Jesus Christ intersects with the disciplines of alternative dispute resolution, biblical counseling, education, and consulting.

We have a long way to go.

Dialogue, discussion, research, and humble praxis are needed to help advance the field of Christian conciliation. Already a life-changing experience for many, Christian conciliation holds great promise as peacemaking principles are tested and contextualized in other cultures and in large-scale conflicts. Will you join the discussion?

Fulfilling the Mission

Education and training is the heartbeat of the day-to-day work at Creative Conciliation. Rooted in nearly two decades of peacemaking experience, the focus is to educate, equip, and encourage others who are passionate about helping conflicted individuals, groups, and communities become reconciled and restored.

Serving hurting people continues to be a priority.

We live in a world ripped apart by conflict. Pain and suffering are everywhere. Broken relationships abound. This world is a disappointing place, and most people long for something better… peace.

Peacemaking is warfare

Conflict is challenging and complex. Creative Conciliation helps individuals, couples, families, churches, organizations, and communities locked in relational combat find hope and healing by learning to apply time-tested and biblically-faithful peacemaking principles and practices.

The vision of Creative Conciliation is to equip an army of people, who know, trust, and love Jesus Christ, to become skilled peacemakers around the world.