When advancing a mission, and team-building counts, private training is sometimes best. Churches, denominations, and non-profits that train their constituents in an intimate setting create an environment that allows for thorough self- and team-assessment of their valuable human resources. 

I am committed to keep education and training costs as low as possible. Depending on the training provided, training groups larger than 24 participants might best be served by a team of two instructors. All trainers effectively educate, equip, and encourage training participants through the use of good adult education principles.  To provide an intimate learning environment and maintain the greatest number of trainer/participant interactions, certain training events may be capped at 48 participants.  We gladly repeat training events until everyone in your church or organization is trained.


Training fees are $2,000 per day per instructor. Churches and non-profits receive a discounted rate of $1,200 per day per instructor. Expenses for travel and training materials are in addition to training fees and are detailed in advance.