Conciliation Services

Conciliation services provide life-changing help to individuals, couples, families, churches, organizations and communities experiencing conflict. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation for conciliation services.

Read here how conciliation services helped promote transformation in the face of painful and destructive conflict.

Types of Services

There are several types of conciliation services.  Some are provided on an hourly basis, and some are provided on an intensive basis over the course of several days.

Coaching helps one party in conflict take the necessary steps to resolve conflict personally and privately. When personal and private steps have failed, two or more parties in conflict might request mediation to resolve their dispute. In those cases, case management ensures that all logistical issues are handled in a timely and effective manner. The case manager helps the parties select the conciliation team that best meets their unique needs, and coordinates the pre-mediation preparation sessions for all parties and non-parties.  


Coaching is an hourly service, usually offered by a single conciliator, to an individual in conflict. 

There are three types of coaching services. Stand-alone coaching is provided to individuals desiring to learn how to resolve conflict with others who will likely never enter a mediation process. Pre-mediation coaching is provided to individuals preparing to enter into a mediation process with others. Post-mediation coaching is provided to individuals who have gone through a mediation process who benefit from ongoing coaching and support.

Coaching involves teaching biblical principles related to peacemaking. Self-reflection and examination are key aspects of repentance, and repentance is a necessary ingredient that leads to confession of sin or failure.  Regardless of the response from the other party, learning to forgive is made possible through applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Finally, coaching equips conflicted individuals with the important skill of loving confrontation.

Coaching is provided through face-to-face meetings, telephone, or video-conferencing. Creative Conciliation always charges local rates for meetings occurring in St. Louis or Rolla, Missouri, or for telephone and video-conferencing. 


Mediation is either an hourly or full-day service offered to two or more people in conflict.

Mediation services are custom-tailored to facilitate the most effective resolution of both personal and material issues. Personal issues involve relational failures, while material issues involve conflicts related to tangible resources such as time or money.

Mediation is usually offered by two or more conciliators. Conciliators are available from a national and international pool of gifted and passionate peacemakers enlisted to serve on a team suited to meet the clients’ unique needs.


Interventions blend coaching, mediation, education, and consulting to provide a more intensive and comprehensive approach.

When conflict affects an organization or church, a system-wide intervention is often necessary. Organizational conflict can only be fully addressed when culture change is carefully considered and planned for. 

Responding to marriage and family conflict focuses on reconciliation of past hurts and challenges and restoration of relationships. The "R&R" intervention often includes a carefully selected Care Team that comes alongside the hurting couple or family to provide encouragement, accountability, and support. Care Team members are educated, trained, and supported by the Christian conciliators before, during, and after the mediation portion of the intervention. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Conciliation services are offered consistent with the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation through the Institute for Christian Conciliation.  Each Christian conciliator practices using processes unique to their personal setting. Click here for Creative Conciliation's "Frequently Asked Questions."


Once a careful assessment is made of the situation, a detailed Fees and Expenses Estimate is provided that itemizes the expected fees and expenses likely to be incurred. Judy charges $175/hour for local services, and $200/hour for out-of-town services. Additional conciliators are generally billed at $100/hour or less. A Professional Courtesy Discount of approximately 25% is available for individuals in vocational ministry, non-profits, and churches.

In most cases, a retainer is collected up front, and any unused portion of the retainer is refunded after services are rendered. A non-refundable Filing Fee of $300 is required to open a case.

Getting Help

If you are seeking assistance with any type of conflict, please contact me directly for more information. I provide a no-charge, no-obligation consultation to discuss helpful options that best meet your unique needs.

Due to my training schedule and its travel implications, I am unable to accept every invitation to help. In those cases, I will personally respond with a recommendation to you for an individual or ministry that I believe is best able to respond to your situation.

Caring well for you as you struggle with conflict is a high priority. Yet, since some of my travel days are 24 hours or more, please allow for a 48-hour response time.